Merhaba {Hello}

Just ONE Click Away …

The entire world is in front of us, and even the mysterious deep-space with its brilliant stars.

With Just ONE Click;

  • you can … {imagine & create}

Today’s Internet {an information superhighway & a greatest global marketplace}; what a digital magic. 🙂 

The Internet is Becoming the Town Square for the Global Village of Tomorrow. - Bill Gates via @meralmengu Click To Tweet We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain. - Stephen Hawking via @meralmengu Click To Tweet

Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to transform ourselves and live physically in the Digital Universe that we created. {science fiction – The Matrix Movie

Everything starts with imagination …


A Friendly Hello From Istanbul, Turkey 

A Little Touristy Trip In Istanbul {created by TurkeyHome}


My name is Meral.

Today’s Digital World {Universe} gives me the exciting opportunities to build and live my Laptop Lifestyle;

  • more freedom,
  • working for yourself {you are the boss},
  • flexible working hours {I’m too creative to have a 9 to 5, YOU?}, 🙂 
  • creating location independence {being able to work & live from anywhere in the world},
  • freedom of expressing yourself.

THANKS to the Internet for its great benefits!


My Laptop Lifestyle Goal

Visiting Every WONDERFUL World Heritage Sites on Earth!


The Great Barrier Reef, Australia














Business Goals

As an enthusiastic online soloentrepreneur my goal is to start, promote, and profit from my own online business. {online marketing & creating my own information products that solve problems}

First of all; this is an enjoyable and exciting digital journey for me,

  • searching and finding helpful, right information in this crowded digital world,
  • learning and understanding the new media, the rules, the principals and tools of today’s online marketing world,
  • catching fresh ideas and tips about the future of marketing in the digital age,
  • using effectively all information for growing my own online business.
MORE IMPORTANTLY; I will share all useful information, proven strategies, helpful resources, tools, tips and tactics WITH YOU who want to start, promote, and profit from online business around her/his passion.


The First Step

The first step of this exciting journey is to identify your True Passion in life.

The article “My Advice To A Much Younger Me” by inspirational entrepreneur Richard Branson can give you some great ideas for discovering and living your passion.

Meanwhile, I am a huge fan of Richard Branson. 🙂


Final Words

I’m very serious online entrepreneur 🙂

Enjoy every moment of your online business journey.

I would be very happy if I can help you for your awesome journey.

Have a GREAT day full of profitable online business opportunities 🙂


Meral Mengu

Online Soloentrepreneur

Passionate about the unique opportunities of the digital universe